The energy booster from the Kucha plant
speed of reaction, performance and concentration on a new level.
The energy booster from the Kucha plant
speed of reaction, performance and concentration on a new level.


The energy booster KUCHACORE is the next supplement superstar that simply does a lot of people good. Compared to caffeine, KUCHACORE has many other positive properties and a decisive advantage: “Coffee first makes me shaky and then tired after two hours, which leads me to drink even more coffee”. These unpleasant side effects for those who want highly concentrated and performance-intensive gaming or workouts do not occur with KUCHACORE. Our pure natural product made from the leaves of the Kucha tea plant is ideally suited to achieve the highest performance over longer periods of time without habituation effects.

KUCHACORE also improves concentration and motivation and has a calming effect on stress and anxiety.



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KUCHACORE - The extra energy from the Kucha tea plant: the mental and physical concentration and performance booster.

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KUCHACORE is an energy and attention provider because it contains Kucha, as well as caffeine, a purine alkaloid, which are organic compounds often found in nature. These stimulating ingredients are found in tea leaves, coffee beans or cocoa and are therefore a purely natural plant product. Our KUCHACORE, extracted from the leaves of the tea plant Camelia Kucha, has energy-boosting abilities similar to caffeine, without the disadvantage of later fatigue. Thus KUCHACORE permanently raises the speed of reaction, the ability to concentrate and, above all, the duration of performance to a whole new level!

After taking KUCHACARE, the body reacts by increasing dopamine levels and decreasing adenosine activation. Thus important metabolic and signalling pathways are positively influenced, other neurotransmitters are supported and energy is increased without trembling and irritability, while cognitive body functions are improved. In clinical studies, this leads to an increase in motivation, a decrease in fatigue symptoms and a significant increase in mental energy, without any habituation effects as with the consumption of caffeine.

The new KUCHACORE® is the ideal herbal supplement in powder form for gamers, athletes, body sports enthusiasts and all those who want to achieve highly concentrated peak performance through these performance-enhancing effects.

The powder from the Kucha plant is simply taken dissolved in mineral water, shakes or juices, but it can of course also be perfectly combined with other performance-enhancing food & function products such as various muscle-building amino acids.

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